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January 18th 1953 shows the first recorded entry in the club's minute book as :-To form a club under the title “Greenacres” It was further agreed to purchase the property known as The Alms Houses County Durham for the sum of £850.0.0 which would be around £30,364:00 in todays money, to raise that amount would have been a tremendous achievement. The set membership fee for the first year for both male and female members was £5.5.0 which would be the equivalent of £187.54 in today’s money, bear in mind this was a membership fee and not a caravan site fee it was quite an amount to lay out in 1953.That was 70 years ago this year and to celebrate it we are having an anniversary party on Saturday 27th May 2023, January may be a bit cold so we decided to put it back to May.The event will be a three-course meal cooked and served in our club house by an outside caterer. Entertainment will by a professional singer followed by disco and dance music. The price is subsidised by Greenacres and will be £25:00 per head to members and guests. Anyone wishing to attend please apply now.For the benefit of our children they will have their own day the following Sunday 3rd June starting at 13:00 going on into the evening. We are planning a fun filled day with a children’s entertainer on site, games food and all the usual children’s stuff. Anyone wishing to bring children on site, it will be a textile day but must be with the approval of their parents in the full knowledge of where they will be.

Entertainment for the rest of 2023 will be:-



​​​​​​​​Meals available Fridays & Saturday evenings in the club house throughout the season.


Entertainment nights open to friends and family except for the 70th Jubilee which will be club members and guests by invitation only.

7th April

8th April

9th April

22nd April

5th May

6th May

27th May

3rd June

17th June

Phone out take away (peoples choice)

Easter Meal plus entertainment (TBA)

Easter Bonnet / Easter Egg competition

St Georges theme / quiz followed by disco

Games night

King and Queen Quiz (Coronation Day)

Greenacres 70th Jubilee meal plus entertainment

Children’s Jubilee entertainment 13.00 to 15.00 Disco night time

Entertainment (TBA)

To be agreed

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